Monthly Archives: August, 2012


I am a big fan of DIY. Whether it is related to home renovations, woodworking, software, electronics or anything else that I am interested in.


That is why sending the exposed film to a photo lab for developing did not feel satisfactory. I wanted to do that part myself.


Unfortunately I had trashed my film developing equipment during moving between homes. After some consideration I came to the conclusion that I want to develop film again. Even though film processing equipment is not as widely available as 20+ years ago, it still is. Both online and also in some local photography shops.


So off I was to buy a developing tank and chemicals. The first time loading a film to the reel in the dark bathroom made me a bit nervous but I was able to succeed.


Developer, stop, fixer, washing. It felt amazingly routine after 25 years. And opening the tank after the fixing and seeing the developed negatives felt as wonderful as it always used to do in my youth.


Slowing down. Thinking. Succeeding. Feeling good about it.


2012 City Through Film

After looking at the pictures from our forest trip (and buying some second-hand film gear online), I wanted to see how the current environment in our capital Helsinki would look through film photography.


The bus terminal and shopping center and its surroundings have been rebuilt fifteen years after I shot my previous film.


Having grown up in the times of film photography, all my childhood pictures are naturally shot on film. Combining that look with my daily surroundings of 2012 felt very nice. Much nicer than any Hipstamatic filter. Fortunately, our city is also much more international than in my youth.