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Love Beyond Words

Being married to a florist, I sometimes go with my wife to the venue sites to help her set up the flowers and shoot some promo pictures of the flowers before the party starts. These were shot on an island just outside Helsinki. I also used the setting to practise my use of fill-flash. Please enjoy some love beyond words.

Lupinus Polyphyllus

As I mentioned earlier, my wife needed some photographs of her floral work. These were needed to participate in a floral competition. Each florist was supposed to send in pictures of four floral arrangements. The themes for the pictures were colour, contrast, texture and movement.

Her work was based on using a same flower (Lupinus Polyphyllus) for each of the themes. The competition is now over and we are allowed to publish the photos.

Lupinus Polyphyllus - Colour Lupinus Polyphyllus - Colour

Lupinus Polyphyllus - Texture Lupinus Polyphyllus - Texture

Lupinus Polyphyllus - Contrast Lupinus Polyphyllus - Contrast

Lupinus Polyphyllus - Movement Lupinus Polyphyllus - Movement

Making Of
Lupinus Polyphyllus - Making Of Lupinus Polyphyllus - Making Of

The Florist Herself
Lupinus Polyphyllus - The Florist Lupinus Polyphyllus - The Florist


After successfully developing some rolls of B&W film, I wanted to try something new.


It was time to get my hands on developing color film.


Google and YouTube really are your friends if you want to learn something new. I watched videos people who had successfully developed their own color film and decided to try it out myself.


It was autumn and the colors were just shouting to try out some Portra 400.


So I purchased a C41 kit and mixed the chemicals. This picture is from my first roll of self-developed color film:


With the modern C41 kits the developing really isn’t that different from B&W. The only issue is to get the temperature exactly right (100F, 37.8C). This took me a while in the first attempt but the pictures turned out great.







The Espoo Cathedral is a mediaval stone church near Helsinki, Finland.

In August 2012, I went there together with my wife in order to shoot a promotional picture of her floral work for weddings.

The last time I had visited the cathedral was in 1996 when my father was buried. When we carried his coffin out of the church the song played by the organist was Pilgerchor from Tannhäuser by Richard Wagner.

Now, 16 years later, we parked our car and walked along the cathedral in order to find a nice spot for the pictures. As we passed the cathedral, I heard a choir practising inside. Yep, the song they were singing was Pilgerchor.

This is the final picture.

A Crotcheted Bridal Bouquet A Crotcheted Bridal Bouquet

I hope you enjoy it as well as this definately analog recording of Pilgerchor.