DIY Darkroom Dodging Tools

I needed a dodge tool for some printing in the darkroom. I could have just cut some shape from a piece of cardboard and paint it black but then I started thinking that maybe I could make several templates for further use.

A dodge tool needs to be black from the other side to prevent reflecting light from affecting the print. Instead of painting some cardboard black, I decided to use my laser printer. I made some templates in Photoshop for different shapes of dodging and printed them out. I’m sharing them here in case anyone else finds them useful.

Firstly, download the PDF file that contains my templates.

Print out the page that seems to have the shape you need.

Print it out

Glue the laser printer output on a piece of cardboard.

Glue on cardboard

Cut out the shape you want.

Cut to shape

Bend some steel wire to make a handle.

Bend some steel wire

Make holes to the cardboard and insert the steel wire.

Make holes and insert wire

Apply some tape to secure the steel wire handle.

Apply some tape

Fix any white showing on the black side using a black marker pen.

Finish with black marker and use.

Take your new dodging tool to the darkroom and make some great prints 🙂

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